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Family discovered…….

I have always been interested in where I have come from in a family way, sort of thing. One of my favourite programmes on the BBC is entitled, ‘The Heir Hunters.’ The programme shows how companies as Probate Researchers find the beneficiaries of someone’s estate who has died alone without leaving a will. They investigate the family tree and when they contact a long lost relative they hope to get them to sign up so that the Probate Researcher can get a percentage, usually 10%, of the value of the estate. That is obviously how they are able to operate.

The stories that unfold on these programmes are usually fascinating and sometimes quite sad. There have been instances when someone has died alone and the long lost relative is only a few miles away on the other side of town! Sometimes illegitimacy is discovered; also instances of bigamous marriages.

About 18 months ago I discovered a branch of my family which I knew nothing about. I was contacted by a cousin living in Holland, originally from Liverpool, and I met her and her husband in May this year when they visited Scotland; they came to Aviemore which is less than an hour’s drive away. That was a surreal experience! Especially when I found out that the district where she lived in Liverpool was only about 5 miles from where I grew up! And as far as I am aware, my dad did not know about this branch of the family!

My dad often mentioned about an uncle of his who had gone to Canada, possibly in the 1930’s. My cousin in Holland had done quite a lot of family research and discovered this Canadian branch of the family and we have since had contact with 2 more cousins in Canada! It would seem that this great uncle joined the merchant navy and promptly jumped ship when he got to Canada! One problem: it would seem that he left a family behind in Liverpool and married, bigamously, a widow in Canada who had 4 children. He then had 2 children with his new wife. So, at the end of September, along with my ‘Dutch’ cousin, I will be meeting up with one of these Canadian cousins in Liverpool and we will be showing her where her roots are. It will be quite an experience going to some of these places with ‘new’ family members because although I have known of them as part of Liverpool as I grew up, they have had no meaning as ‘family places’.

One of the areas I will be visiting is where our great-grandad had his hairdressing business in the 1890’s through to about 1920. It would seem that for a man to be known as a hairdresser at that time was very unusual as they were known as barbers who also doubled up as dentists! And in the 1901 Census not only did he have his family in the house, there was also a lodger and a servant! Posh eh?

So I am really looking forward to this forthcoming family get-together. Only one problem: the weekend we are there, Everton are at home on the Saturday afternoon and I haven’t seen them live for two years!

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Ah well, can’t win ’em all; especially after a magical performance in the Tour de France. Disappointed for Mark Cavendish and the rest of Team GB in the cycling. Don’t understand the tactics in road cycling but it would seem that everyone else in the race ganged up on the GB guys; apparently the rest of the teams were not bothered who won as long as it was not GB. 

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Nearly there!

Doors locked; answering machine on; glass of red in hand; 30 minutes to go; bring on the Olympics! I love the Olympics!

I will be watching as much as I can. First gold medal tomorrow for GB for Mark Cavendish in the cycling!

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Moray  Grace  Fellowship had a blessed time over this last weekend as we experienced our first summer conference. We are hoping and believing that this will become an annual event.

Check out the teaching here: mgf.podbean.com

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Ustream broadcast…….

tonight, Friday 22 June, 8pm GMT, on Ustream Moray Grace Fellowship channel; a chat with Pastor Vic and Nunsy, his wife. You get see them in a relaxed setting and hear about MGF and our upcoming weekend conference.

Recorded at my home, hopefully this will be the first of this type of broadcast which will go along with our teaching broadcasts. Click here…….

UK time is currently 8 hours ahead of US Pacific time; 7 hours ahead of Mountain time; 6 hours ahead of Central and 5 hours ahead of Eastern. UK is 1 hour behind mainland Europe.

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Sitting in BT

Sitting in BT having a coffee; relaxed and content.  However, feeling a bit sad as one my football heroes from my schooldays, Gordon West, died yesterday. He was Everton’s goalkeeper in the 60’s through to the 70’s. A very good player and a great character.

So another month has gone by since I last blogged. All is good and lots has been happening. Got a lot of stuff to meditate on and one possibility which will have a huge impact on my life is going to have to be thought through very carefully. I’ll be emailing some of my close blog buddies about that soon.

I’m using my iPad to post this – a lot easier than carting a laptop around! Found out the other week that I can sit down in the centre of Elgin and connect to the Internet via Starbuck’s British Telecom’s Openzone! Technology is wonderful!

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